As a practice we are aware of the communication from NHSE and media regarding the opening up of GP receptions and appointments as of Monday 17th May. As a practice we are reviewing how we can maximise patient access, whilst maintaining safety for patients and staff safely as guidance changes.

At Pontesbury & Worthen Medical Practice we have continued to work and support patients throughout the whole of the pandemic and continue to respond to unprecedented levels of demand. In the period March and April 2021 alone we have dealt with more calls than in any other period on record, and as a practice will continue to meet the needs of our patients as best we can, whilst continuing to support the COVID Vaccination programme.

In the short term we will continue to monitor access to the premises, but will now start to offer pre-bookable appointments again. We will closely monitor this in order to ensure patients are treated in the most appropriate way.

We can confirm that face to face appointments HAVE continued throughout the whole of the pandemic, however we reinforce that this is following a triage first service in order to maintain the best interests of both patients and staff.