Mid Stream Urine Sampling

Producing a good urine sample for the lab requires some preparation. Many samples are contaminated as a result of poor preparation and so it is might be difficult to advise the best treatment for the condition.

Urine samples for sending to the laboratory should only ever be passed directly into the lab specimen container. Using “sterilised” containers from around the house is not acceptable.

Please ensure the specimen container is labelled with your full name and date of birth prior to use. Do not bring unlabelled containers to the surgery.

The best sample is early morning urine which is generally more concentrated. The urethral orifice (where urine comes out) should be cleaned with warm soapy water prior to producing a sample and the area dabbed dry with a clean towel or tissue.

The specimen container should then be opened and ready in anticipation. Initially urination should proceed as normal into the toilet bowl. After initial urine flow, a small amount should be passed into the container directly so that it is half full only. Urination should then be completed in the usual way.

Please replace the cap firmly and ensure that the container is sealed in the laboratory specimen envelope before handing to the receptionist.