New Patient Registration

We can only accept new patients who live in our practice area. The practice catchment area is the Old A5 to the north, the A49 to the east, the A458 to the west and south in an arc from Longnor, through Ratlinghope, Bridges, the Marsh, Meadowtown, Marton, Binweston, Rowly, Vennington to Halfway House. We also accept patients in Ford.

Our practice catchment area is shown below (click anywhere in the map to load the boundary):


You will need to complete a registration form (GMS1) and a health questionnaire which will provide useful information whilst we wait for your medical records to arrive from your previous doctor. These forms are available at reception or can be downloaded below, printed out, filled in and returned:

You can also fill in both the GMS1 and the health questionnaire online – please see:

When you register, we will ask you to make an appointment to see either the practice nurse for a new patient health check. This will make sure that our records are accurate and all routine checks to promote your health and wellbeing (such as blood pressure/smear tests/mammograms) are up-to-date.

Instructions on what to do with the registration form

If you want to join the practice please complete a registration form and the practice questionnaire. Please bring the completed forms along to reception with your medical card if you have it. The information on the medical card will speed up the process of getting your records from your previous practice. Once you have been accepted as a patient your medical records will be transferred to us and a new medical card will be sent to your home address. You do not need to inform your existing practice that you are moving, although it may be courteous to do so.

Change of Patient’s Personal Details

If you change your name, address or contact details (such as your telephone number or email address), please let us know as soon as possible so that we can update our records. If you are receiving treatment at a hospital it might also be a good idea to inform them of any changes so that both our records are consistent when we communicate with them.

Guide to GP Services

The Royal College of General Practitioners has produced a useful guide for patients about the services on offer at GP Surgeries and how to access them.  You can download the following PDF: A Patient Guide to GP Services.